A word from the photographer

My Tibet trip has ended. But my journey continues. I have begun to look through the many photos I have taken during the trip. The photos are not only a record of the moment, but are also my inspiration. I go over my memories of my travels with a sense of tranquility. Just by looking at the pictures before me, I can feel the bits of joy that I experienced the moment I stood at the site, or when I was facing and talking to a brave Tibetan.

Tibetans are proud people, and carry within their beings a rare strength that is drawn from generations of living in one of the world's harshest environments. They devote their whole life to worshipping Buddha and they are willing to sacrifice anything, including their own life, for him. A devoted Buddhist believes that everything is transient; therefore, clinging to material objects is meaningless. In contrast to most of the non-believers, our worth as human beings is measured by our own actions and beliefs. It is wealth of spirit that Tibetans are seeking.

As pilgrim prostrates, he or she displays their belief their religion and their faith. Unfortunately, most of the modern human vision focuses only on the present and rarely extends into tomorrow.

Looking through my photos, I realize that I need to continue my own journey, and keep moving to discover the true beauty of all of our lives.